Limited Warranty:

Two years of quality warranty starting from shipment.

Return Policy:

Return is not acceptable under the following circumstances

1. Non original SOBATO Products or those which were not bought from an authorized SOBATO seller;

2. Products that have had their identifying codes removed, altered, canceled or rendered unreadable;

3. Products that have been even partially repainted;

4. Products used as samples and/or for display;

5. Defects arising from normal usage (including material fatigue);

6. Defects caused by abuse or incorrect usage of the Product or of its parts;

7. Defects coming from incorrect assembly according to SOBATO’s assembly conditions (for example, incorrect tightening torques);

8. Defects coming from incorrect or insufficient maintenance such as, for example, defects arising from material corrosion, use of aggressive cleaners or incompatible Products, from repairs carried out by non-authorized sellers;

9. Defects arising from accidents and other events not caused by defects covered in this Warranty;

10. The Products that arrived to the end of their useful lifecycle;

11. Defects caused by the exposure to UV rays (discoloring, yellowing);

12. Defects caused by a saline environment;

13. Defects caused by careless transportation of the Product (the responsibility for which lies with the courier);

14. Aesthetic defects that could have been easily detected at the moment of purchase of the Product;

15. Defects from a usage that does not conform to the Designated Use.

Warranty Conditions:

In case of NON availability of the original product, the replacement will take place with a similar product of equivalent value. Products of other companies, mounted on SOBATO bicycles, are covered by the guarantees of the respective manufacturers, to which you are kindly requested.

This warranty does not cover:

1. products without a purchase tax document (receipt or invoice)

2. products not purchased from an authorized SOBATO dealer

3. products whose identification codes have been removed, altered, deleted or made illegible

4. normal wear (including fatigue)

5. damage caused by abuse or improper use, incorrect assembly (for example incorrect tightening torques), incorrect or insufficient maintenance, accidents, blows, corrosion, use of aggressive cleaners, use with non-toxic products compatible, repairs not carried out correctly, and more generally anything that does not constitute a manufacturing defect

6. products arrived at the natural end of the useful life cycle

7. the effects of UV exposure (fading, yellowing) including Fluo colors

8. the effects of the saline environment

9. repainted products (even partially)

10. products that have undergone any changes

11. transport damage (responsible for the carrier)

12. aesthetic defects that were easily detectable at the time of purchase of the product

13. the labor necessary for replacement

Claim Procedure:

To make a claim under this limited warranty, you must notify SOBATO of the claimed defect within the warranty period and timely return the Product to SOBATO at your expense for inspection. All returned Products must be accompanied by proof of purchase from an authorized SOBATO dealer or this limited warranty will not apply. In case of replacement or refund, returned Product becomes the property of SOBATO.

Shown below is the procedure that must be followed, in order to correctly submit a claim for a defect. The correct execution of the following procedure will allow to benefit from the Warranty where the defect is recognized by SOBATO in accordance with this document.

In order to claim a defect, within a period of 8 days from the moment in which the defect presented itself to the buyer or from the moment in which he/she acknowledged it, the buyer must contact the same SOBATO authorized seller from which he/she bought the product and deliver the defective part in good cleaning condition along with: A detailed description of the defect (we suggest using adhesive tape to aid in finding its exact position)

The existence or non-existence of the defect will be verified by SOBATO.  Accordingly, the applicability of this Warranty in accordance to this document is subject to inspection and authorization by SOBATO or an agent thereof.

If SOBATO recognizes the existence of a defect, the Product will be substituted or fixed at SOBATO’s discretion in accordance with Limited Warranty.

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