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Our Soabto bikes’ official team: Fernando Barceló Team with lofty ideal, has enterprising spirit and team cooperation spirit. A team in constant growth , which every day struggles to training to attend the big events of the national calendar, as evidence of the Spanish Cup: Guerrita Trophy, Valenciaga Memorial, Momparler Memorial, ect. It is in these scenarios where our riders can develop as cyclists in the best way, competing with the best.

  • Antonio García Antonio García

    Antonio García (1993, Vilarreal), aka "Toni", is a mid-mountain cyclist with a considerable capacity for suffering. Toni began his career with the team once the season began, despite this, he had a quick adaptation and soon after made great races, as for

  • Adrián Barceló Adrián Barceló

    Adrián Barceló (1988, Huesca) will perform two tasks during this season, on the one hand his work as manager of the team and on the other hand, as elite runner. Adrián has a great experience in cycling, started in the lower categories and gradually went t

  • Adrián García Adrián García

    Adrián García (1996, Sabadell) begins his period as elite after completing his last year of U23 in the ranks of the team. During the last season, Adrián, showed himself as a great teammate. He likes racing with steep terrain giving priority to the climb a

  • Antonio Montón Antonio Montón

    Antonio Montón (1996, Calatayud) starts a new season after having overcome the injury that had him removed much of last season. Like Adrián, he began his stage in the elite category. Last year he performed well in the race, for example in the 1st Conde de

  • Enrique Herrero Enrique Herrero

    Enrique Herrero (1986, Zaragoza), aka Quique, was last season's sports director of the team, as well as a school monitor at the Zaragoza Cycling School. Quique is always willing to help his teammates, either returning to the peloton after a breakdown as p

  • Ashley Towey Ashley Towey

    Ashley Towey (1998, England), from Team Tor 2000 Kalas, is, again, a climber cyclist. During the last campaign, he won the victory at Place @PCCC Davidstow Road Race, a prestigious race. Like Eliot, arrives in Spain with the idea of a good season trying t

  • Lorién Tosat Lorién Tosat

    Lorién Tosat (Huesca, 1998) faces his third year as sub23 continuing his learning in the category. Lorien began his career in cycling in the first year of U23, in this last season he has taken a leap in quality based on work and constant effort, thanks to

  • Joshua Sandman Joshua Sandman

    Joshua Sandman (2000, England) is a young British promise. He achieved great achievements: gold medal in the British 10M Championship, 2nd place in the 2nd stage of Spokes Junior National Road Race, etc. The favorite terrain of Joshua is the time trial, a

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