With the development of the society and the bicycle technology, riders’ needs are advancing with the times.  Our constant research and innovation in technology is to meet the growing needs of riders.  From excellent material selection, exquisite workmanship, strict quality system, upgrading testing standards, ect., these are all to provide cyclists with the bicycle with high performance as well as the best ride experience.

1. Material & Design Engineering

we only use the finest carbon produced by toray of japan in the world market. our engineers use their knowledge to combine the carbon fiber with the frame model, each part they design have considered the strength and rigidity very seriously. by complex stress calculation, computer-generated assessed and analyzed to give the frame its shape and performance qualities.

2. Laser cutting & Material preparation

Precision carbon cloth cutting is the key to making high-quality carbon frames.  Computer-controlled machine can cut out carbon sheet of various shapes, avoiding cutting errors, improving cutting efficiency, ensuring smooth cutting surface and consistency of each frame. There are over 200 pre-prepared pieces of all sizes that are necessary to construct a single bicycle frame. Each pieces has its number. Besides there are special people responsible for the distribution, all pieces for a single frame would put in one package with well code and weight. Professional level preparation is the guarantee of frame quality.

3. Preforming & Molding Process

Roll and preforming all must be done by hand and this is part of optimizing the material. EPS/PU modeling techniques is mandrels in key areas such as head tube, seat tube, BB and rear stays that carefully control the wall thickness to meet the required manufacturing tolerances in dimension. What's more, it's to manage the loads a frame junction incurs during use as well as to ensure the strength of the frame.

4. Full monocoque technology

Full monocoque/one piece frame is directly fixed by the same mold so that the product dimensional accuracy is greatly improved. The long carbon cloth is used to reduce the glue point and reduce the risk of looseness and falling off. It's a process to make the frame lighter and enhance the frame performance.

5. Machining

In order to assemble a precise final product, we use mechanical process to ensure the unification of assembly position.


Without Quality control no measure of a quality product can be produced. Around one month testing that qualifies all bicycle product for safety and durability. In addition to ISO, EN test projects, we also have our own test projects exceed international safety standards. We are committed to researching more stringent test items to verify frame quality, because not only do we want you to enjoy the bike in complete safety, but we also want you to feel confident that our frames can withstand the rigors of any ride.


We are take pride in our painting craft, because we have the top of the line painting team. Each frame painting and decal are handmade work .Time consuming and exacting, our paintworks process consists of a series of steps performed with the masterful precision required to match our highest quality standards. And finally a matte/glossy coat is applied to protect the finish.

8. Serial number

Every frame has it's serial number which allows quality controllers to track the product in each level of the procedure.

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