Aug. 10, 2019

The Euskaldun Tournament faces its last races. Tomorrow, in Oiartzun, the LXXII Xanisteban Saria of 112 kilometers will be played.

At 10h the test will begin on a 112-kilometer route marked by the two mountain passes; both steps through the same port, the port of Arkale (3rd category) at kilometer points 62 and 88. As we mentioned above, the test will start at 10 am and is expected, according to the organizer, to end at 12: 48-12 : 56.

The La Tova - Almudévar team will come with a team consisting of eight runners alternating young runners, such as Ibón Cañete, with veteran runners, such as Héctor Lorén.

Adrián Barceló told us: “We went to this classic event in our calendar. As usual, we will try to play our cards to be able to be present in the group that usually plays the victory in the hard final climb; I think we have ‘off-road’ riders suitable for that. ”

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